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I Got A New Camera!

For several years my primary method of photography was just using the camera on my phone. I’ve wanted a nice camera for a while now and I’ve finally treated myself to one.

Hello, Canon EOS M50!


Screen Shot 2018-06-02 at 11.03.37 PM
Canon EOS M50, image from


The other camera I was interested in is the Sony A6000. I’ve owned multiple Sony Cybershots back in the day and I’m pretty loyal to the brand (our tv, washer, and dryer are Sony too!). I’ve always felt Sony makes high quality products and the reviews on this particular camera are pretty solid.

The Canon EOS M50 won because the Sony A6000 doesn’t have a swivel screen and it doesn’t have a microphone jack. The swivel screen on the Canon was an important feature to me because I like that I can flip the screen into the camera since I’m paranoid about scratching up the LCD screen. I’ve thought about joining the vlogging world in the future, so the microphone jack is a great feature to work with accessories.


I’ve owned a few point & shoot cameras, but I am new to the world of mirrorless and DSLR cameras. After doing some research I opted to get a mirrorless camera because I didn’t want to carry around something bulky, especially while traveling. Sean and I went for a drive to Portage Glacier yesterday and snapped some pictures. None of these are edited and I like how they turned out.


As an amateur, I feel that Canon has made it fairly easy for me to learn how to operate it and learn new features. I’ve found the guide through the menu settings helpful and easy to understand. I honestly can’t tell you how happy I am about having this camera. My iPhone just wasn’t cutting it anymore for the quality of pictures I’ve been yearning for. Looking forward to capturing life’s best moments with my Canon!

With Love

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