Think Of The Happiest Things | Part 1


I’ve been wanting to blog more often, but I was having a hard time coming up with ideas. I’d sit in front of my computer for upwards of an hour staring at a blank page. I scanned through countless pins on Pinterest for ideas, but none of them gave me a spark.

I decided to take a trip down memory lane and browse through one of my old Tumblr accounts. Sometimes taking a peek at the past is a great way to spark inspiration. One of the hashtags I used on my old Tumblr account was “What Makes Me Happy.”

I wrote 47 of them between 2013 – 2014.

Screen Shot 2018-07-25 at 10.17.58 PM
A snippet of my “What Makes Me Happy” Tumblr posts. Gosh, 2013 feels like it was so long ago! To be 26 years old again!

To be honest, I’ve been feeling stressed and down lately. I don’t think it’s an actual phenomenon – but I think I can feel my hair turning white! I’ve found white hairs every once in a while, but I’ve found so many this past year. Coming across these things I wrote a few years ago was such a blessing. My soul needed these reminders.

So here’s to the start of a new series on my blog: Think Of The Happiest Things. And instead of writing a separate blog post for each thing that makes me happy, I’ll write them in groups of 10.

Think of the Happiest Things | Part 1

A view of the Disney Magic from Disney’s private island, Castaway Cay. This is one of my favorite pictures of Sean and I.

001/ Spending time with Sean. From chillin’ on the couch, dinner dates, walking around, driving around, travel adventures, and everything in between – I love growing old with you. This fall will mark 10 years of being a couple (3 years boyfriend & girlfriend, 7 years husband & wife)!

Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disneyland (Anaheim, California). I took this picture in April 2018.

002/ Disney. Disney movies, Disney style, Disney decor, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, Walt Disney World, Disney’s Aulani, Disney Vacation Club. I can go on and on! =)

Disney World 2
Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire at Walt Disney World. It is performed several times a day in front of Cinderella’s castle.

003/ Travel. Everyone knows that I love planning vacations. To me it’s almost as fun as being on vacation. I love having something to look forward to. As much as I love living in Alaska, I look forward to traveling out of state… Especially during our long winter months!

My cotton candy personalized Pop & Suki purse and wallet! I was so happy when it arrived in the mail. Aren’t they gorgeous?! I love the scalloped strap that I chose to go with it.

004/ Mail. I know I can’t be the only one that gets excited over the monthly Costco sale booklets, haha! I also love receiving Christmas cards. I occasionally sign up for beauty subscription services throughout the year. For example, right now I’m subscribing to Sephora Play. It makes me feel like it’s a “birthday”  present every month. I’m a self-proclaimed online shopping addict and I love when my orders arrive.

005/ An iced cold drink on a hot summer’s day. A warm drink on a cold winter’s day. Rain showers after several days of heat. Sunny skies after several days of rain. It’s the little things in life.

006/ Driving around alone with my windows rolled down, sunroof slid back, and music blasting. I love feeling my hair whip through the wind and getting lost in the zone. It’s seriously one of my favorite ways to zen out! Lately Modest Mouse’s “Float On” and Bazzi’s “Mine” are continuously on replay. They’re my happy songs.

Disney Home in Downtown Disney (Disneyland, California). I can’t wait to go back there in September so I can add more decor to my Disney Home!

007/ When people send me, “This made me think of you” posts. When Downtown Disney opened a Disney Home store, my Facebook and my Instagram blew up with notifications from people tagging me daily. I thought it was funny because some of them would say, “You’ve probably seen this, but just in case you didn’t…” I appreciate the thoughtfulness!

I love an organized closet!

008/ Organization. Okay, I know that this is funny because I’m not always the most organized… but I love looking at organization, if that makes sense?! I am fascinated by  beautifully organized homes and office spaces. Haha. I strive to run a home that is just as clean and organized. I recently reorganized my closet, now I just need to reorganize the rest of my ouse. Wish me luck (and a lot of strength and patience, haha).

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” I recently made this sign for a friend.

009/ Side hustle sales. Don’t get me wrong – I love my career. But there’s a small adrenaline rush that happens when I sell something on Poshmark or on Etsy. Does anyone else get that same feeling too? Speaking of Etsy, I’ve actually been on a hiatus the past few months. I closed my shop because my crazy self decided to take 2 college classes in the midst of a big work project. I may reopen it when things slow down a little bit in my life.

My Disney home. The living room is my favorite space in the house.

010/ Home. My home is my little slice of paradise. It’s so relieving to be able to come home to relax and unwind after a long day at work. Sean and I looked at the floor plan of the house that we’re living in several years ago. We thought it was perfect. We even had the flyer from the open house that we went to framed and hung at our condo. We used it as motivation for us to work hard so we could buy a bigger place someday.

Thank you so much for reading my “Happy List!” Now I’ve got a question for you –  what makes YOU happy?!

With Love 


Ideas for ways to deal with stress

Stress Quote

The next few months are going to be insane for me. I have a major training initiative at work. On top of that – live a healthier lifestyle, feed my faith, keep my household going, make time for my husband and loved ones, run my little side hustle, and find time for myself. Stress is unavoidable when there are many things going on in life. I think it’s imperative to have stress management skills.

I write these as reminders to myself, but I also hope this will be a helpful list for others too.

Go for a walk

Preferably outside to get some fresh air and to clear your mind.

Follow a routine

Every evening I:

  1. prepare my snacks and lunch
  2. make sure my purse and backpack are ready to go
  3. check that my alarms are turned on

I also keep everything in the same spot. My backpack and purse are always by the mudroom and my lunch bag is always on the kitchen island. I am not a morning person (the only time I am is when I’m on vacation, haha), so the less I have to think about where things are the better.

I know some people also plan their outfits the evening before. I might have to try doing that too.

Embrace shortcuts

My favorite recipes are easy meals. My ideal time is 30 to 45 minutes for prepping and cooking. Sometimes I am so mentally exhausted from work that I don’t even want to cook anything. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with ordering takeout from time to time. There are also rare days where I don’t even want to deal with washing dishes, so we’ll use disposable plates and utensils. Again, nothing wrong with that.

Some may think ordering takeout or using paper plates is lazy, but sometimes it’s worth having an extra hour or so that is freed up for you by not having to cook or do dishes.

Create an organization system that works for you

I used to try and organize my life with multiple resources. I would juggle between paper planners, notebooks, Post It Notes, work calendars, and regular wall calendars. My method was ineffective and I regrettably had things fall through the cracks. I’ve narrowed down my system to just using my work calendar and using my phone. I also still use regular wall calendars, however I don’t ever write in them. I just use them as a quick reference to glance at.

The great thing about a Smartphone is that it’s basically a mini laptop! I love the Notes app on my iPhone. I can easily create folders so I can organize various notes… I have folders for everything. I’m not kidding – I have a folder for my small business, a folder of things to do, a folder for wish lists, a folder for goals, etc. I especially love that I can conveniently log onto any computer with Internet access to update all of my Notes via In addition to Notes, you have immediate access to other apps such as Photos, Reminders, Pages, and Keynote.

Another app that I really like using is the AnyList app. Sean and I use it mostly for grocery shopping. You add items to it and it will automatically categorize your item. So for example, if you add Ranch Dressing and Soy Sauce to the list (this is literally a real life example, haha), they will go underneath the Condiments & Dressings category. If you add bottled water and soda they would go underneath the Beverages category. I also love this app because Sean gets a notification immediately if I modify a list since it updates in real time.

Plan something to look forward to

For me, planning vacations is just as fun as going on them! Planning is one of my favorite stress relievers – even if the trip is months away or if I’m even just daydreaming. Looking at food menus at Disneyland and Walt Disney World makes me happy, haha.

Make yourself a priority

You owe it to yourself to set aside some “me time.”

Sometimes my “me time” is putting on a face mask, painting my nails, and enjoying a bubble bath. Sometimes it’s blogging. Sometimes it’s crafting. Sometimes it’s taking a drive alone – I LOVE listening to loud music with the windows rolled down (during summer of course) and feeling the wind whip through my hair. Sometimes it’s sitting outside and listening to nature. Sometimes it’s shopping (okay fine, a lot of the time… Ha!).

Often times it’s sitting in front of the TV to watch reruns of I Love Lucy and Everybody Loves Raymond.

Talk to your spouse / significant other

You know the saying – communication is the foundation of a strong marriage. I gave Sean a head’s up a few months ago that life will get pretty hectic and the first thing he said was, “What can I do to help you, baby?” That sweet gesture alone meant so much to me.

I’d love to hear your ideas for handling stress. Thanks for reading!

With Love